Allow me to introduce myself; I’m Madeline Burgher, a double major in Fine Art and Marketing from Anderson University with an exciting role this summer as the marketing intern at Bottom-Line Performance. I am passionate about creativity, innovation, building friendships, and giving back to the community.

One of the things that attracted me to this company was its philosophy:

  • Provide services that match client needs and client expectations.
  • Operate with integrity and treat everyone with dignity and respect.
  • Recognize our families as the reason we do what we do.
  • Give back to our local and global community.

As part of my role this summer, I get to play a big part in realizing that fourth pillar: giving back to the community. This summer, BLP is implementing a new program called #BLPCares. We, as a community at BLP, are dedicated to giving back, fostering wellness in others and ourselves, and teaching young people to pursue what they are passionate in.

Meet our Charitable Partner: Dayspring Center

Dayspring Center has been BLP’s primary giving back partner for several years, and for good reason. Dayspring gives emergency shelter, resources, and a community to children and families in need throughout central Indiana. Dayspring has its doors open to those who find themselves homeless due to financial problems, unexpected health issues, and other unforeseen crises.

“I love the people who work at DaySpring, so committed and dedicated to what they do. Parents don’t make judgments; they want the best for their children just like I did. I have consistently been blown away with the intellect of the kids and the intelligence.”

– Sharon Boller, President – Bottom- Line Performance

Here are some of the #BLPCares events we have planned to support Dayspring:

Charity Mini-Golf Outing

Bottom-Line Performance is the title sponsor for the Dayspring Center’s annual mini-golf outing…and the June 20th event will be a fun time for employees and the community alike. The event features some “wacky” golfing, team competitions, and raffles. Indiana Pacer Rodney Stuckey will even be in attendance. The mini-golf outing serves as the kickoff event for the #BLPCares program, as well as Dayspring Center’s big annual fundraiser.


Dayspring Game Design Day

One of our company’s passions is the power of games for learning… and many of our BLPers are passionate about helping young people prepare for our future. For the second straight summer, we will host a “Game Design Day” for homeless children participating in Dayspring Center’s “Camp Discovery.” This event encourages kids to think about games more critically… and get exposure to possible careers they might be interested in when they are older. On top of playing outside and inside games, the young people from Dayspring will participate in building their own personal game from the ground up with the help of our BLP team.

Here are some photos from last year’s event:


Dayspring Renovation Project

To wrap up the summer, BLP will travel to the Dayspring Center to complete a much-needed renovation project at the shelter. In the past, we have painted rooms, rebuilt a playground, and even painted a mural at Dayspring.


Wellness Events

Giving back is about what we give to others, but we also realize that #BLPCares has to start with self-care and self-love. BLP has a 90% participation rate in its wellness program… and the company makes donations to Dayspring when employees complete their challenges.

Two wellness events are planned for the summer as part of #BLPCares. The first challenge has six optional sections ranging from, ‘No Fast Food’ and ’30 servings of fruits + veggies’, to drinking ’64 oz. of water’. Participants can complete 1 to 6 tasks each week. The goal is to complete at least one each week.

We also recently planted garden outside of our BLP offices. We worked as a group to plant many new plants from seeds and bulbs. It was a wonderful time for the team to step away from the computer screens and enjoy the outdoors. Throughout the summer, we will water the plants and watch them as they grow.


Join Us on Our Journey

I’ll be documenting all of the #BLPCares events to Facebook, Twitter, and our blog. At the end of my internship, I’ll share a blog that documents the work that I have done, for DaySpring with pictures, video, and quotes.